Straight Edge Poker

Current Progressive Jackpot: $3,556.30 as of  02/7/2014

straightedgeStraight Edge Poker features head-to-head play against the dealer and two optional bonus bets. Players get seven cards to make their longest straight possible. The dealer does the same with eight cards.

The game allows “wrap-around” straights, where the Ace is used as something other than a starting point or ending point. For example, J-Q-K-A-2-3 counts as a six-card straight.
If the player and dealer have straight of identical length, the rank of the ending card in the straight determines the winner. For example, 3-4-5 loses to 5-6-7. Players win copies (an identical straight as the dealer).

Rules and Dealing Procedures

1. Set the i-Deal shuffler to “Straight Edge,” or any game that deals packets of seven cards.

2. To begin the game, players make an Ante wager. Players may also make the optional Bonus and Insurance wagers. The Bonus wager wins if players have at least a four-card straight. The
Insurance wager wins if players have less than a two-card straight.

3. The dealer presses the green button to dispense the first packet of cards.

4. The dealer, working clockwise from his left to his right, gives each player a packet of seven cards.

5. The dealer then gives himself eight cards. He does this by first taking a packet of seven cards and then adding the top card from the next packet. He keeps all his cards face down.

6. The dealer then presses the green button on the i-Deal to dispense all the remaining cards and begin shuffling the next deck.

7. Players look at their hands and have a choice:

a. Fold or stay in the game by making a Play bet of 1x their Ante.
i. Players should discard their non-straight cards.

b. If players fold with a winning Insurance bet, they should tuck their cards under the Insurance bet.

8. The dealer then reveals his hand.

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